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I have done various graphic design work for a few companies. Here is a small sample of the work I have done:

United Front Clothing Poster

UF Simon Obrien Poster
United Front Simon O'Brien Poster

This was a poster I created for United Front to promote their sponsorship of X Games gold medalist Simon O'Brien, and the launch of his own signature shirt.

Actual Size: 40cm x 29cm


UF Shield Poster
United Front Shield Promo Poster

United Front wanted a poster for display in stores that displayed their name and logo prominently, but also linked them to the four sports they are involved with.

Actual Size: 60cm x 44cm

ICU Cameras

ICU Pamphlet Front

ICU Pamphlet Back

ICU Product Brochure

This was a brochure that featured the main items ICU Security Cameras offers for sale. It outlined the features and benefits of each item and also informed the potential customer of the installation service that ICU can offer.

Actual Size: 21 x 29cm (A4)

Pink Ginger

Pink Ginger Logo

Pink Ginger Logo

The client was after a fresh vibrent look so the colours really sell this idea. The use of a pink ginger flower was a no brainer and really encapsulates what it is Pink Ginger as an image is trying to covey.

The "BODY. MIND. SPIRIT." at the bottom of the logo help tie in what it is Pink Ginger is all about.

Crack Fix

Crack Fix Logo

Crack Fix Logo

The Crack Fix Logo utilises colours that really pop on a white background and obviously incorporate the "crack" look in the lettering.

Crack Fix Store Front

Crack Fix Front Window Display

The artwork for the advertising on the front window of Crack Fixes shop needed to catch the eye and also inform potential customers of the services Crack Fix offer and what products they service.

Indy Wakeskates

Indy Wakeskae Design

Indy Wakeskate Board Design

A company called Indy Wakeskate approached me to design the artwork for the bottom of their wakeskates. We were limited to the colours shown on the board but the resulting look was effective and really sold the companies name.

Actual Size: 120cm x 50cm

Indy Wakeskate Logo

Indy Wakeskate Logo

A year or so after doing the board design Indy came to me again wanting a new look. This was the resulting logo and name branding that I came up with.


Tovedale Pamphlet Front

Tovedale Pamphlet Back

Mahogany Creek Reserve Brochure

Tovedale approached me about creating a brochure to help sell a subdivision they had nearly completed. Essentially it gave a potential buyer the location of the subdivision, as well as its layout (If your wondering, all the blocks are sold).

Actual Size: 29cm x 20cm (made to fold down to envelope size)

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