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Here is a small selection of the letter heads I have designed for clients:

Tall Poppy Designs

Tall Poppy Letterhead
Tall Poppy Letter Head

Obviously my own letter head. It fits in with what I have done with the website and the business card, so anyone can easily see that all of them are connected.

Pink Ginger Designs

Pink Ginger Letterhead
Pink Ginger Letter Head

Soft vibrant colours were the call for this one. Except for the logo the other colours are very faint, which creates the soft tones, but the pink still keeps it vibrant.

United Front Designs

United Front Letterhead
United Front Letter Head

As with the other material United Front has gotten me to design the priority was that the logo stands out.

Forest Family Psychology

Forest Family Psychology Letterhead
Forest Family Psychology Letter Head

A fairly basic design to keep with the professional image that Forest Family wanted to portray.

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