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We at Tall Poppy Designs can offer several graphic design or web based solutions that, depending on the nature of your business, may be essential for its success. Let us help you get that edge over your competition. Below is just a sample of what Tall Poppy Designs can create for you. Also check out the Packages Page.

If you are interested in any of these products please don't hesitate to contact us.


Graphic Design

Business Card Pic

Business Cards

The professional design of a business card can make the difference between a potential client taking you seriously or not at all.

Letterhead Pic

Letter Heads

When dealing with clients, making the right impression is paramount. A great looking letterhead is a simple way make an impact on clients and leaves a lasting impression. Not to mention help promote your business and logo.

Poster Pic


The right poster in the right place can be a most effective advertising tool. Nevertheless if that poster doesn't catch the eye and make you take a second glance you may as well leave the wall blank.


CD / DVD Covers and Artwork

Whether it is the artwork for a bands latest release or the wedding DVD needing a cover makeover for that special present to a loved one, you can trust Tall Poppy Designs to provide the appropriate artwork giving you that professional look.

Invoice Pic


Like letterheads, your customers will hopefully be receiving many of these, so why not put a little extra effort into them. The constant exposure to an item like an invoice can definitely help promote your business and logo.

Pamphlet Pic

Pamphlets, Brochures, Catalogues & flyers

Whether it is a product or a service, the above are an inexpensive way to let people know what you or your business has to offer. These could quite possibly be the first and only impression of your business, so why not make it a good one?


Basic website Pic

Basic Websites

All your website needs are catered for:

  • Construction of a new website
  • Additional pages
  • A redesign or updating an existing website

Database Website Pic

Database Websites

Database sites are ideal when you have a large catalogue of products that you wish to allow the public to access via your website.

A major benefit of the database site is that it allows for easy updating.

Ecommerce Website Pic

Shopping Cart Abled Websites

Shopping Cart Abled Websites enable potential and existing customers to purchase your products directly off the web. It's like having your shop online open 24 hrs a day 7 days a week.

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